WORST Locations For Crocodile Attacks

From the Solomon Islands and Taiwan … to Africa and Australia … Here are 13 of the worst Locations for crocodile attacks

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#6 Burundi
Gustave is a notorious beast that hails from this region in Africa. This monster Nile crocodile is thought to have killed as many as 300 people … the incidents have allegedly occurred from the banks of the Ruzizi River and the north shore of Lake Tanganyika (tan guh nyee kuh) actual number of fatalities has been difficult to verify … but that man-eater rep has given Gustave near-mythical status. It’s said to weigh over a ton and some estimates claim Gustave is some 25 feet long … none of that is verified, though. His last reported sighting came in 2015 when a resident claimed to see the critter dragging an adult bull buffalo along a river bank.

#5 Borneo
A massive croc named Bujang Senang (boo-jang senang, or ‘happy bachelor’), was known to inhabit the Lupar River of Sarawak in Borneo. It terrorized the locals, who were convinced the creature had been feasting on humans for at least three decades … although its attacks weren’t widely reported until in the early 1980s. The critter survived many attempts to kill it, including hand grenades being hurled at it. In 1992, locals finally did manage to capture and kill the beast, which weighed more than a ton and reportedly measured more than 19 feet long.

#4 Taiwan (Zoo)
That’s not to say Taiwan itself is a hotbed of crocodile attacks … but a zoo located in the country certainly was. A crocodile there managed to provide a graphic illustration about biting the hand that feeds you. The animal was being treated with antibiotics. The veterinarian treating it attempted to reach through the railing of the cage to administer treatment … when the 434 pound beast thrust forward and bit off the man’s arm at the elbow. Colleagues quickly applied a tourniquet to the 28-year-old vet … as the big reptile carried the severed limb in its jaws like a ghastly trophy. It dropped the arm after being startled by a gunshot, and it was quickly retrieved and put on ice. Later, an operation to reattach the man’s limb was deemed a success.

#3 Cahill’s Crossing, Australia
One of Australia’s richest biological regions is an area called Alligator Rivers, in the Northern Territory. You won’t find alligators here, though … that name resulted when early explorers of the area mistook crocs for gators. And you’ll find plenty of the big reptiles in Cahill’s Crossing located on the East Alligator River. Shallow and only a few meters wide, it has become infamous for being infested with saltwater crocs … and has been the site of many human fatalities. Little wonder why — researchers have estimated that 120 salties can inhabit a 6 kilometer stretch in the river, just south of Cahill’s Crossing. The most infamous fatality occurred there in 1987 when a croc shot out of the water and separated a fisherman’s head from his body. Since then, numerous attacks have been widely reported. Even so, the spectacle of salties seems to outweigh the warnings and tragedies that have occurred there. Many people, including families, are willing to risk their live by attempting snap selfies with nearby salties. Just remember … officials say that for every croc you can see … there are 10 that you can’t!

#2 Sub-Saharan Africa
So, why did we rank this as the number two location for deadly crocodile attacks? Two words: Nile Crocodile. We’ve mentioned this nightmare a few times already. But the deadly critter is native to this area, mostly in the southern, eastern and central regions of the continent. While there are 23 crocodilian species, only 6 are considered to be dangerous to humans … and the Nile croc tends to top the list. Experts say that these animals are responsible for hundreds of human fatalities each year. Some studies claim that the number is as high as 750, with a fatality rate exceeding 60 percent. Saltwater crocs reportedly inflicted about 30 fatalities a year, with a 50 percent of them fatal attacks. No offense to the salties, but the Nile croc is often viewed as the deadliest predators of humans among wild animals. So the most dangerous location for crocs is basically anywhere the Nile Crocodile calls home!


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