The AK-47 is the most deadly rifle out there and the number one choice for Rhino poachers. It felt right to pay back a little 🙂

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In just a decade, more than 7,245 African rhinos have been lost to poaching.Will a recent decline in South African poaching mark a new dawn for rhinos?

In February 2017, the Department for Environmental Affairs released poaching statistics for 2016, showing a 10.3% decline in rhino poaching as compared with the previous year. There’s no reason to celebrate: 1,054 rhinos killed in South Africa alone during 2016 works out nearly three rhinos being killed every day. And while poaching is down in Kruger National Park, it is significantly up in other provinces, particularly KwaZulu-Natal.

Furthermore, there are continuing and worrying signs that poaching gangs are increasingly moving beyond South Africa’s borders; gaining a foothold in other African countries – many of which have less resources available to protect wildlife. We’re certainly not out of the woods yet.

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