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I really like Kenji. I’ve often wondered how intelligent cheetahs are and Kenji is the brightest I’ve come across so far. Probably why he doesn’t purr often… only doing it when it really counts for him.

Kenji learned at a young age where the cheetah toys were stored. Slamming the lid is a calling card for him to play. He can’t open the crate himself, but he helps himself to the toy he wants if someone holds it open. Toys are a potential hazard for a cheetah, like the cotton stuffing or any part that might get swallowed, so they are to be supervised at all times when playing with their toys and returned when done, thus the sealed crate.

II thought it interesting that Kenji kept his unique way of playing and getting his toys from cubhood to adulthood. These various clips show the passage of time up to 2.5 years old.

Personalities of cheetahs develop young and don’t change much… unless their environment or conditions change… like one being shipped to another breeding center and getting different interactions and care from different people. At least I noticed that.

The personalities of female cheetahs changes the least and the males can change upon maturity with changing levels of testosterone running through their system (sex drive). But even then, much of their personality remains the same… as long as they are treated the same respectful and loving way…. like my buddy Gabriel who has never changed his relationship with me but has for others.

Enjoy watching Kenji go through his paces of play from cubhood to adulthood and try not to get offended or grossed out by his new use of stuffed toys as an adult. Other male cheetahs do the exact same thing. It is natural behavior in an un-natural environment.

Without such a procreative drive, a species would go extinct. It is what keeps the species going. Kenji is practicing for the day he may get selected by one of the female cheetahs to mate with. The females chooses the mate. Without prolific animals that want to breed, this project and species would no longer exist. It is what this center is about…. saving the cheetah from extinction.

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