Side-Track: The Marvellous Meander to Greyton


Under two hours from Cape Town you’ll find a plethora of scenic places along the Garden Route but just a little upwards, you can divert your route to the quaint little town of Greyton. For those who are looking for less-explored places to spend an evening while on a longer journey, look no further than this community. You can also have a look at other things to do on the Garden Route during winter.

The Drive


Photo Credit: Simon Watson

Driving out of Cape Town you will pass by the coast and head further into the mountains until eventually there are no buildings to be seen. Stock up on some snacks as places to stop become scarce and then just sit back and enjoy the adventure.

Vintage Shopping

Walking up and down the few biggest streets you’ll spot a few shops, most of them selling antiques, vintage clothing and general bric-à-brac. On our visit we walked into one such shop which sold old records, some clothing from the 60s and a 70-year-old copy of The Three Musketeers!

Little Cafes


Photo Credit: SA Venues

On arrival you’ll drive through the main road which features 90% of the restaurants, bars and cafes that exist in the town. Our favourites include Pure Cafe (a vegan and health food cafe), Abbey Rose (hearty meals with vegetarian options) and The Hungry Monk (an Asian-style eatery with gourmet presentation).

Hikes and Walks

Greyton Nature Reserve borders the town and offers quite a few hikes into the surrounding mountains. There are rivers that run all the way to town and you’re sure to spot a few creatures on the way up. The Boesmaanskloof trail is probably the most well-known of these but lasts a total of eight hours! There are many other hikes, however, that are much shorter and more accessible.

Animal Sanctuary


Photo Credit: Thomas James Caldwell

While there are a lot of birds flitting through the town as well as a few mountain creatures that will likely cross your path on a hike, there is another unique collection of animals to visit here. At the animal sanctuary, abandoned and neglected farm animals are rescued and cared for. A popular hideaway for animal rights activists, this gem is also just an inspirational place for the average traveller to see.

So next time you’re on the Garden Route, looking for a place to bridge the distance, why not turn off to Greyton? Discover its hidden marvels and escape the bustle of city life.

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