Porcupine Caught Barehanded and Relocated – Ucles vs Africa

The Southern crested Porcupine of Central Africa would seriously be an animal I would highly avoid in future interactions as they are really a bit of a prick.

These porcupines are extremely agile and quite fast moving and almost impossible to capture barehanded, in this situation I manage to wrangle a large specimen and try to figure out a point of weakness enabling me to capture this porcupine swiftly and safely.

The porcupine was safely relocated, released cautiously and unharmed.

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[No animals within the following footage were harmed. The footage depicts animals being restrained and no intent has been made to injure, harm or stress the animal(s). All animals used within the following footage were released back into their natural state. Viewers should not attempt the following outtakes without the appropriate permits and review of the relevant legislation and industry professional assistance.]

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