Poor thing! A Greater Galago or Thick-tailed Bushbaby with spider web and trash stuck to its face

The Greater Galago or Thick-tailed Bushbaby (Otolemur crassicaudatus) is a cat-sized nocturnal primate with pads and human-like nails
on its fingers and toes. Greater Galagos are found in Southern and East Africa, and prefer to live in forested habitat, although they also occur in savanna. They rest during the day and become active at night when the emerge to feed. Greater Galagos are omnivorous and take a wide range of foods including fruits, acacia gum, flowers, insects and small vertebrates including birds. Males are territorial, and the home ranges of females often overlap. The Greater Galago is famous for its loud call that sounds like a human baby crying – hence their other name Bushbaby. This Greater Galago was foraging on the ground next to our chalet in the Punda Maria Restcamp in the northern section of Kruger Park, South Africa. Its face was covered with spider web which had other litter stuck to it.
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