How To/How I Bathe My Hedgehog


If your african pygmy hedgehog has very very dry skin or is in the process of quilling (losing it’s baby quills and growing adult quills) I would suggest giving your hedgehog an oatmeal bath instead. Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties and can help relieve the discomfort that your hedgehog is feeling during the quilling process. It is also great for dry skin. Oatmeal baths can be given more often than a regular bath with shampoo/wash as it won’t dry their skin out as much. If you are giving your hedgehog an oatmeal bath make sure to use sugar free and flavor free oatmeal. I didn’t talk about it in this video since I didn’t want it to get too long. That’s a story for another day. πŸ˜‰


What shampoos can you use for your hedgehog?

1. Baby shampoo-The most popular baby shampoo for a hedgehog (and the only one I would recommend since I have tried it) is Aveeno Baby Shampoo. I used this one in the past but switched because I really didn’t like the scent of it very much. It’s still an ok product though.

2. A gentle and lightly scented puppy or kitten shampoo-Make sure that it has no anti flea/tick medication in it as the medication (or the amount of medication in it) may not be appropriate for a hedgehog. If your hedgehog has fleas, mites, or ticks please take them to the vet so they can prescribe something safe for your hedgehog. The shampoo I currently use for my hedgehog is Pet Promise Gentle Touch Natural Shampoo for puppies and kittens (it is a “soap free” shampoo).

3. Fragrance and soap free Aveeno body wash-I have never tried this one but it is highly recommended on Hedgehog Central forums.

Never use tea tree based shampoo/wash on your hedgehog as it is toxic to them. Always read the ingredient list first before trying out any product!

I hope this video was helpful to all the people that requested it! Thanks for watching!

In case people didn’t know, the African pygmy hedgehog is a domesticated species of hedgehog. It is not like the wild hedgehogs that roam around in the UK and other regions of the world. You can go to to find out more about their care and living requirements:

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